Bears Show Interest In South Florida Defensive Tackle McClain

A teenager barrier quickly interfered with Terrell McClain’s pathto the NFL draft, a that left the one-time South Florida standoutfeeling rsther than underdressed.

Thanks to a fantastic opening at the East-West Shrine Game,McClain was a late-injury deputy in the Senior Bowl. So hejumped on a flight from Tampa to his hometown of Pensacola, Fla.,for the partial expostulate over to Mobile, Ala.

Too bad the bag filled with his examination clothes and apparatus nevermade it.

“The airline mislaid my bag,” McClain said. “We considered it was stolenor something. It was type of uncanny to have to attend to it.”

At smallest McClain won’t obtain mislaid in the randomize advance breeze day. TheBears, Patriots, and Colts are amid teams receiving notice.

The 6-foot-2, 297-pound defensive plunge into already has overcomeplaying in shade at South Florida, a module abounding in gift yetstill overshadowed by Florida, Florida State, and even Miami. Ifanyone questioned McClain’s gift level, he silenced the doubtsat his pro day.

“Super-disruptive, an bomb initial step, and only an athleticbig man,” mentioned a AFC director who watched McClain’s performance.”It was the most appropriate defensive line examination I’ve seen this year, andone of the improved workouts I’ve seen over the final nineyears.

“When people see this kid, they automatically regard Chicago andIndy should admire him since they need that type of disruptivethree-technique with pass-rush ability.”

The Bears are never a to tip their palm on breeze plans, but headcoach Lovie Smith, broad executive Jerry Angelo, personnelexecutive Tim Ruskell, and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli allwere in assemblage for McClain’s workout. In fact, Marinelli wasthe a who put McClain by lively drills.

“He’s a great trainer and a great person also,” mentioned McClain, whoalready attributed Marinelli for enhancing his hip movement. “Hewants you to obtain after it. It’s going to obtain you a small bitwinded, but he wants to see if we’re conditioned, if you canmaintain the same severity via all the drills. And I thinkI did that.”

Asked what he felt he still indispensable to infer to the NFL scouts,McClain answered without hesitation.

“Really that I’m only as great as the other tip d-tackles, that Ican do all they do but at a improved pace,” McClain said,referring to Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley. “And you do not haveto fret about me. I do not have any baggage.”

The folks at the airline can attest for that.

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Updated: May 29, 2019 — 6:01 pm

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